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T he first bottle of Briar’ Birch Beer foamed over the rim of a glass in 1937 and praise for the product has been pouring over ever since. People love the extraordinary smooth and delicious old-fashioned flavors. The Craft Brewed process gives the flavors a smooth, rich and quality taste that is hard to match. Everyone sleeps easier knowing that all the flavors are made caffeine free and very low sodium.

Past Flavors

Over the years we have introduced many flavors and sizes of Briar's soft drinks. Past flavors included Black Cherry, Diet Black Cherry, Cream, Diet Cream Soda, Diet Root Beer, Lemon, Sarsaparilla, and Grape Soda.

In the past, we also offered Premium Products made with pure Sugar Cane in 3 wonderful flavors in 1 Liter Bottles
Root Beer, Red Birch Beer, and Orange Cream.

Our Question to You

We love receiving your suggestions, comments, stories, and sightings. Is there a flavor you would like us to bring back or a new flavor you would like us to try? Let us know! Your comments are welcome and appreciated. Call us at 877-3-BRIARS, 732-821-7600 or e-mail us at info@briars.com.

Other Past Events

Thanks for watching us on the Food TV Network! (Episode SF1C12)
Secret Life of... Soft Drinks
We hope you enjoyed the show.

Keep those comments and suggestions coming! We care and we listen!

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I f you have questions or comments, call us at 877-3-BRIARS, 732-821-7600 or e-mail us at info@briars.com.

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