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Briar's helps make doing homework... more bearable.
 Send us your picture and you could be our next Picture of the Month!

S end us a picture of a Briar's product sighting and good things can happen.
The first good thing is you've enjoyed a refreshing Briar's Old Fashioned Soft Drink.
Second, if selected, we will publish your picture to our website.
Third, we will give away a monthly prize by random drawing. You could win a T-shirt, ball cap, or even free soft drinks.

sighting42-2.jpg (32078 bytes)
This guy is from the United Kingdom wearing his cool Briar's apparel T-shirt.
sighting42.jpg (32976 bytes) sighting40-1.jpg (75790 bytes)
(Briar's in Greece, in front of the Acropolis)

(Briar's 'T' in Germany)

sighting38.jpg (202190 bytes)

sighting37.jpg (147921 bytes)
(Briar's in NJ)

sighting36.jpg (188379 bytes)

sighting35.jpg (180057 bytes)

sighting34.jpg (154600 bytes) sighting15.jpg (173433 bytes)
(Briar's atop Mt. Kilimanjaro, Elevation: 19,335.6 ft)
sighting39.jpg (138411 bytes) Your picture here!


E-mail your images (in .jpg, or .gif format), name and address (so we know where to send the prize) to info@briars.com or mail your picture* to:

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*sorry, images cannot be returned

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